The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance -DBSA, is the leading peer-directed national organization focused on the two most prevalent mental health conditions- depression and bipolar disorder. These diseases affect more than 21 million Americans and account for more 90% of the nation’s suicides every year.

What Makes DBSA Unique?

DBSA is led by and created for individuals living with a mood disorder, and that experience informs everything that we do. We are:

*Peer Led:   More than half of the DBSA staff and board members live with a mood disorder and all DBSA support groups are facilitated by peers.

*Targeted:  DBSA focuses on depression and bipolar disorder.

* Innovative:   DBSA provides leading-edge, interactive online resources.

*Wellness centered: DBSA informs, empowers, supports, and inspires individuals to achieve the lives they want to lead.

 *Nationally recognized: DBSA is a nationally recognized for our Peer Specialist training services. Our mental health advocacy work, our expansive peer support network, and as an expert on the subject of mood disorders. 


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