Courage Then Confidence –  Saturday, September 8th &  9th 2018     

                 At Deer Run Camp 3845 Perkins Road, Thompson’s Station, TN 37179                        

Register at  Call 615-799-8001 for more information

Saturday, September 8th

9 am
Set up tents for people bringing their own
10 am
Marya Hornbacher: The Recovery Journey
Chris Hancock, LCSW
“Self-Empowerment- Ask & Receive”
In this session empower yourself. Gain insights in recovering from the effects of fear and shame. Discover the wisdom and power inside of you. Learn to identify, understand, unburden and transform wounded “parts” of yourself. Chris will guide you in exploring core attributes of calmness, creativity and connectedness. Be courageous, gain confidence.
Reverend John McClain
“Belief – Faith & Healing”                   
The belief, prayer, and all faith practices as a powerful source for health and healing. Healing from the inside out by connection with the life within. How mental health issues challenge one’s faith and what to do about it. Is there a right way to pray?
1 pm
Awards, DBSA Presentation
Michael Pollock, CEO DBSA National
Michael educates us on the work of DBSA. DBSA is the only organization that focuses specifically on depression and bipolar. Michael give a brief history of DBSA accomplishments. He shares current initiatives and future visions of DBSA to carry our message that there is hope and we are not alone. 
2 pm
Settle into bunkhouse cabins. Will assign cabins at registration. Groups may request same cabin. Offsite lodging, 15 miles away, available at your expense
2:30 pm
Sharon Paul, LPC-MHSP
“9 Paths”  Enneagram, Personality Mapping.
Mental illness carries such a stigma that people need to see themselves outside of their illness. Enneagram, a Personality Mapping System gives a view that helps understand the complexities of the human mind, body and heart.  Who are you really?  What does your best self look like? Why do you think the way you do?  Why do you act the way you do?  Why do you feel the way you do?   In this session gain an understanding of the 9 Styles/Paths of personality for an increased awareness of self and insight into relationships with others. 
David Pearl, LCSW
“Switching From Automatic Pilot to Thoughtful Responses”         
 During this session, Observing our Minds, we will discuss the concept of Defusion. Defusion is the ability to step back and observe/watch our thinking instead of getting wrapped up in it. We learn to hold our thoughts lightly rather than having a tight grip on them.  By defusing from our thoughts, we create a new relationship to them so that they have less of an impact over us.  In learning to observe all the many messages our minds give us, we gain a greater sense of control over our thoughts and actions.  This helps us move from automatic pilot to more thoughtful and intentional actions that are in line with what is most important to us.  We will learn how to establish and connect with our values so we always have an anchor to ensure we are acting in a way that works for us, rather than blindly following our mind. 
3 :30 pm 
Eileen Koesy,LPTA,  AiChi Master
 “Gentle Water Exercise”               
This brief workshop, done in water, is accompanied by soothing gentle instrumental music to help with relaxation and focus. Besides gaining flexibility and stability in the core and limbs. Ai Chi promotes balancing of the entire nervous system, which then positively affects all systems of the body. It leaves you feeling refreshed, less “in your head” and more connected to body/mind and spirit.
Recreational Water time
5:30 pm
6:30 pm
Daniel WolfShadow   
 “Beat away Resentment”                                                
Regrets and resentments, we all have them. The battle is releasing and letting them go so that you are free to heal, be healthy and create the life you want. Daniel leads attendees in the Native American tradition of drumming to release emotions that do not serve us. No previous drumming experience needed to participate. Drum away your resentments.

Sunday, September 9th

7-9 am
Coffee, Light Continental Breakfast
Ted talks: “What’s so funny about Mental Illness”
“Emotional Agility”
Allison Schaffer, LCSW
“Nature Heals”
9:30 am
Marya Hornbacher: “We’ve Been Healing All Along.”
10:30 am Sessions
John Nichols, LPC-MHSP
“Identifying and Distrusting Impulses:  What to do when Anxiety rears it’s ugly head”?
Identifying and knowing how to effectively deal with anxiety and impulses lessens their impact and influence over you. Looking at the coping patterns that create difficulty in your life, this session teaches you to develop new strategies and behaviors for impulse and anxiety control. This session teaches you to build on strengths you already have. Life gets better as you commit to the action of putting your energy in the areas you can control.  As you dare to be the best version of yourself, anxiety lessens, and confidence grows.  
Ashley Smith, LCSW
“You’re overwhelmed, you’re LGBTQ, and you don’t know who to go to.”  
 You, or your loved one is LGBTQ. You’re overwhelmed. You’re stressed. You, or they, don’t know what to do, don’t know who is safe to go to? “Will they understand what I’m going through?”  Now, imagine having someone to talk to.  Someone to listen.  Someone to offer insight.  Someone to guide you down the path you want to be on.  Someone who is LGBTQ or knows and supports what that means to you.  Ashley explores the additional challenges that LGBTQ people face and how to address them to improve mental health and overall life.
11:30 am
12:30 pm Sessions
Erika Coppen, LPC-MHSP
“Change is Necessary”
People say all the time, “I am terrified of change.” But why are we afraid of change? We are often more terrified of the “unknown” then the Hell we know. Or we are so stuck in the miserable Status Quo, that we don’t know what else to do. Our Brain doesn’t care about whether or not we are happy- it really only cares about Survival. This session explores change, resistance, insights and new perspectives about being courageous and confident with necessary change.
Barbara Tamkin, MMFT 
“Staying Balanced in Chaos”                               
How do you allow others to be, without trying to control them? How do you stop trying to control outcomes and jumping to conclusions?  In this session, learn to identify your behaviors. Learn how to  ‘maintain your own garden’ and allow others to be responsible for theirs. Get tools for handling anxiety and staying calm while life seems to spin out of control around you.  Find your balance while loving and caring for others. Excellent session for support people.
1:30 pm
Dr. Robert Jamieson
“New Meds for Depression and Bipolar Disorder”                   
The right medicine and collaboration with providers on medication management, are the foundation for living healthily with a mood disorder. Dr Jamieson will discuss the complexity of treatment and educate about new medications and medications that are being developed.  As research finds more answers about how the physical brain works ,life does get easier through chemistry. 
2:30 pm
Final Remarks
Feel free to stay, socialize and hike.
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